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Reno’s Elevated Future

Reno is evolving, and the face of the city is changing. Once a humble-yet-glamorous gaming town little in size but big in excitement, the Reno of today reflects a culture of optimism where artisans, startup founders, families and business leaders come together to make up a place unlike anywhere else in the United States.

Tolles Development Company

Founded by Par Tolles in 2016, Tolles Development Company offers the best in commercial real estate to the people and businesses that make Reno one of America’s greatest cities. Built on years of hard-won industry experience and a belief in Reno’s prosperous future, our company understands what it takes to help business owners lay down the roots they’ll need to succeed – all the while honoring Reno, Nevada’s unique spirit.

Par Tolles —
Chief Executive Officer

An industry veteran with decades of experience and millions of dollars in development history behind him, Par Tolles has long served as a pioneer in changing the face of Northern Nevada and beyond. Prior to serving as the Founder and Principal of Tolles Development Company, Par was President of Basin Street Properties and oversaw all aspects of the company’s day-to-day activities, portfolio and investment management, as well as coordinating functional areas across all areas of the company. Prior to Basin Street, Par was President of Dermody Properties and served in a similar capacity.

Kyle Rea —
Chief Operating Officer

Born, raised and educated in Reno, Kyle has been building a storied career in real estate for for nearly a decade. As Vice President at Tolles Development Company, Kyle coordinates asset and property management, leasing activity, capital projects and investor relations. Prior to acting as Vice President at Tolles Development Company, Kyle served as the CFO for Synergy properties of Nevada; he also served as a commercial real estate associate and marketing manager at Commercial Partners and Dermody Properties. Kyle is a licensed broker and property manager in the state of Nevada.

David Mieding —
Chief Development Officer

David began his commercial real estate career at CBRE in Reno and later was the assistant program manager with Capital Program Management in Sacramento where he planned and executed capital development programs totaling $958 million. From there he was the manager of commercial properties for the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority and most recently was the Northern Nevada leasing director for Basin Street Properties. Dave received his MBA from California State University, Sacramento, and a BA from the University of California, Davis. Additionally, he has a Nevada B2 General Contractor License and holds a commercial pilot certificate with multi-engine, instrument and flight instructor ratings.

Tyler Lantrip —
Chief Financial Officer

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